The right community can change your life. Find yours here.



Within any stage of pregnancy.


Once you become a mama you’re always postpartum here.


Trying to conceive or in the process of adopting.


We have one body for our entire lives. And in that lifetime, that body becomes a home to our children. To grow, to nourish, to support. When we, as mothers, develop unhealthy relationships with our bodies, we can end up passing that on to our children in the form of negative self-talk, unhealthy habits, and even chronic illness and stress.

The solution is simple. Repair our relationship with our bodies.
The ‘how’ is a bit more complicated. Oh Mama Communities are here to pave the path to acceptance and, ultimately, love for your body and your life.


What to Expect:



A community of mamas within your season of life. Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum, there is a community unique to you and your season.* This community is intimate, safe, and welcoming. You’ll make friends, connections, and walk away with a wealth of information from the other women in this community. What this looks like: a private Voxer group for your community, monthly community chats, and access to Brianna within the group.



Individual support for your unique journey. Yes, you’re in a community of women in the same season of motherhood, but each journey is special. That’s why throughout your time here you’ll receive monthly individual sessions with Brianna to dive deeper in to your goals and your story. What is looks like: a monthly 60-minute individual nutrition and health therapy telehealth session with Brianna.



Custom care resources, tools and more. Twice each month you will receive a custom email with tools and resources tailored to your specific needs and goals. This also fluctuates as-needed based on our individual sessions and the community conversations. What it looks like (example): a meal plan, exercise videos, journal prompts, personality quiz, personalized book recommendations, a recipe for a calming bubble bath, lifestyle changes to cut back on sugar.


How it works:


Oh Mama Communities open for enrollment every 3 months. You will purchase your membership (recurring monthly payment) and join a community. At the end of your 3 months, you will have the opportunity to continue on with us before we open enrollment for new women. Each community holds an intimate number of women so space is limited and on a first-come first-serve basis.

at a glance …

Week One:

Getting to know one another within the community.

Weeks Two - Four:

Setting goals, individual nutrition and health therapy sessions with Brianna, and community group calls (topics include: preparing your body for pregnancy, easing stress and anxiety, habit-forming tools to live a healthier life).

Weeks Five - Eight:

Working through your goals and custom resources and tools, connecting with your community, sharing triumphs, struggles, concerns, ideas. Offering and receiving support when needed.

Weeks Nine - Twelve:

Maintenance, lifestyle changes, attitudes and perception. This last month focuses on preparing you to continue to meet and surpass your goals set in week one beyond our time together.*


*if you begin in the pregnancy community, for example, you may give birth and move to the postpartum community during your membership if you wish. if you rejoin after your first 3 months, you have the opportunity to adjust your community settings based on life events.


Hi, I’m Brianna.

As a mother of four children and two rainbow babies, I’ve been in your shoes. The late night cravings and bathroom breaks, the questioning everything you eat, wondering if you’ll ever get it “right” - whatever that means. And just wishing someone would lay it all out for you straight. Here’s what to eat, exercise and put it all together in a way that lasts and works for your busy lifestyle. And more than that, a community where you feel welcome, supported and not one bit judged.

I’ve been through it all and picked up a decade’s worth of education, training, and experience along the way.